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Orbit Float Limited was founded by two engineer colleagues and floating enthusiasts.

With 20 years of experience in the floatation industry, producing traditional float tanks for a number of manufacturers, they realised there had been very little development in float tanks over the years. In 2015, they formed Orbit Float Limited to offer a state-of-the-art alternative.

​Before doing any design work, they carried out detailed market research, floating at numerous float centres and testing as many different float tank models as possible. Speaking to float centre operators as well as their floating clients, it became clear there was a market for a more reliable and more advanced float pod that utilised newer technology.

The result was a detailed outline of the features, materials and styling that would go to create the Orbit pod with its completely new float system.

Today, Orbit floatation pods are manufactured in the UK for sale and installation worldwide with the aim of simplifying float management for owners and providing users with the ultimate float experience.

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