Floatation Therapy And Anxiety

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Anxiety is a mental health issue that is hugely prevalent in modern-day society. More people than ever before suffer from it. The causes can be infinite however and there are ways in which people try to deal with and combat their anxiety. An effective method in lowering anxiety levels is Floatation Therapy. This non-intrusive and relaxing therapy involves floating in a warm tank with water that is mixed with Epsom salts. It is used a therapy to combat a range of both mental health issues as well as physical issues such as pain.  

Drift Away From It All

One of the root causes of anxiety stems from a fear or overstimulation, particularly in public places. When experiencing Floatation Therapy you are stepping away from all outside influence. Sensory deprivation is an absolutely key part of why the therapy is so effective. The senses of touch, hearing, seeing and speaking are all left to one side and you are free to be able to float and relax. The removal of all these external influences has been proven to reduce the stress levels in the body and keep at bay the possibility of an anxiety attack.  

Keeping the Blood Pressure Down

Living in a constant state of anxiety has a negative effect on other areas of your body. Typically when you’re anxious you’ll also be experiencing an increased heart rate and an increase in blood pressure. This will also lead to a rise in your cortisol levels which is the stress hormone. A prolonged rise in each of these can be detrimental to your core health. Allowing your body to float without any forces pushing down on it such as gravity allows for your muscles to relax. In this state your body is best able to release all tension. This allows for your arteries and veins to expand and for the blood in your body to circulate more freely. This, in turn, will bring down your blood pressure and also your heart rate both of which have a direct effect on your anxiety levels. 

Ease Into a State Of Meditation

Meditating is one of the best ways to relax and reduce your anxiety levels. However, it’s not always that easy to meditate with distractions all around you. Jumping into a floatation therapy session isolates you from other people and any distractions possible. Because of the state of relaxation and the sensory deprivation, it makes for the perfect place to meditate which in turn has been scientifically proven to reduce the likelihood of anxiety. 

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