How to reduce back pain

Exploring the benefits that Flotation Therapy can have when it comes to the treatment and alleviation of various types of back pain.


Flotation Therapy as A Treatment For Back Pain

There are many things that can cause you back pain in life, whether it’s the way you sleep, sit at work or even if it’s down to ageing joints. Back pain can not only be particularly painful but also debilitating and can stop you getting on with your day to day activities. Therefore it’s important, especially if you’ve got a busy day or week ahead, to get this treated. There are many different suggested treatments for back pain however Flotation Therapy has shown to be particularly effective.

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Reduce Inflammation

Epsom salt has a high concentration of magnesium. Of the various benefits magnesium has to offer the human body inflammation reduction is one of the greatest. Inflammation is a common side effect that accompanies back pain. It may be that you’re suffering from back pain with no signs of inflammation but if there are any areas that are inflamed the Epsom salt will work to reduce this.


Less Pressure Pushing Down On Your Body

Being submerged in water gives your body a feeling of weightlessness. This is due to the absence of gravity that you’d have pushing down against your body above the surface. This reduction in gravity means that your body can feel free to stretch itself out without feeling any resistance. This is especially beneficial for your spine as it allows it to revert back to its natural position. An out of position or strained spine is one of the main causes of back pain.


Better Circulation

Undergoing Flotation Therapy has shown to decrease your blood pressure levels. The main benefit from this is that you’ll start to circulate blood around your body more easily. The reason circulation is reduced is that typically when you feel pain, for example the pain in your back, this tends to increase both your heart rate and also your blood pressure. Once the pain is treated and alleviated, the levels of both of these will start to come down.

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Feel Better Mentally

Back pain can sometimes take a tough toll on your mental health, causing stress, anxiety and depression. The alleviation and treatment of this pain can lead to these negative feelings going away and providing you with a release of endorphins, the happy hormones.

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