Lowering your cortisol levels

Exploring the important role and positive effects that Floatation Therapy can have in regulating and lowering your cortisol levels.


Floatation Therapy and Cortisol

Cortisol is the scientific name for the adrenaline hormone that our bodies release when we experience stress. For most people this could be every day. When it is released it has an adverse effect on the harmonic equilibrium of your body. When cortisol is released it puts your body almost into a battle ready mode and if your body is kept in this state for a prolonged period of time it can be detrimental to your health. However, there treatments such as Floatation Therapy that can help you to control these cortisol levels.

Orbit Floatation Tank in Use22

A Natural Remedy

The majority of treatments to lower your cortisol involve tablets and chemicals. However, Floatation Therapy is one of the most effective fully natural remedies. It avoids further disturbing the equilibrium of your body by introducing more chemicals into the mix. The only exception to this is the Magnesium Sulphate from the Epsom salts in your flotation bath. These salts however are not foreign nor harmful to the body. In fact, they are the opposite, introducing the reward hormone dopamine into the body that helps introduce feelings of happiness and positivity. It’s best to avoid chemical treatments; the disruption they cause can sometimes exacerbate the situation and cause your cortisol levels to rise.


It Doesn’t Overload the Senses

One of the keys to lowering your stress level is to avoid a sensory overload or too much stimulation. The relaxing nature of Floatation Therapy of just allowing your body to float and relax detaches the mind from any concerns and allows both the body and the mind to fully relax. Floating also means that your body isn’t actively doing anything or touching anything so there’s nothing for your mind to be monitoring. The absence of gravity on your body allows for this full physical detachment if even on a temporary basis.

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Get Into a Routine

Experiencing Floating Therapy on a regular basis can help get your body into a rhythm and start to regulate your cortisol levels over a longer period of time. This will introduce stability into your life and will prepare your body to not stress as much next time your cortisol levels rise. It can also help your mind meditate and allow you to proactively relax and control your cortisol levels ahead of any future triggers.

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