Increase your creativity

An insight into how a course of floatation therapy can help enhance levels of creativity, insight and ingenuity.


Flotation Therapy

Experiencing Floatation Therapy not only has its benefits for your physical health but also for your mental health. These benefits are sometimes overlooked but are really important. As well as providing relaxation and detaching your brain from external senses and stimulation the Epsom salts used in flotation therapy help your body to achieve and balance that equilibrium your body so richly needs. This extreme sense of relaxation allows the mind to quieten and concentrate more freely.

Orbit Floatation Tank in Use20

Unlocking the Creativity

Your brain is at one of its most creative points when you’re asleep. This is in part due to the sensory deprivation that occurs during sleep allowing for more brain resources to be focused on creativity. This is also the time when dreams are most vivid. Where this links into Floatation Therapy is that it flotation therapy also offers sensory deprivation in the form of allowing you to float and fully relax in a similar way to sleep but in an enhanced way due to the experience of weightlessness. In a similar way to in dreams where your senses are not required to focus on bodily movement or control, flotation allows the mind to be free and unencumbered with any physical aspect.


Resetting It All

Experiencing a Floatation Therapy session almost allows your mind to start over. This refresh can prepare your mind to be more concentrated and focused on things going forward. This additional focus and concentration can lead to enhanced levels of creativity that might not have been possible should the distractions from before the floatation still been in place. It has also been noted for these reasons that many people following flotation therapy have reported not only an increase in creativity as a result but also increased productivity after the experience.

Orbit Floatation Tank in Use19

Document What’s Happened

To enhance further Floatation Therapy sessions it’s been advised that you should always document your experience in the floatation bath. The reason for this is that although you’re sensually deprived you still have the ability to recollect as opposed to when you’re asleep whereby memory recall and the logic of your thoughts can be a lot tougher. This will also allow you over a number of sessions to continue your focus from previous sessions and enhance creativity and vision going forward.

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