Floating helps Fibromyalgia

Investigating the positive effects of Floatation Therapy in the treatment of the symptoms of those suffering with Fibromyalgia


Floatation Therapy & Fibromyalgia

Unfortunately Fibromyalgia can’t be cured and is a long term chronic illness that can cause intense pain to those who suffer from it. The condition itself is still a topic of debate and confusion even amongst experts. Some of the main symptoms it can cause are increased levels of fatigue, an increase in pain across muscles in the body and interruptions when it comes to sleep. However, there are very effective treatments that can subdue these symptoms. It has been scientifically proven that Floatation Therapy has a wide range of benefits that can help across the multiple symptoms caused by Fibromyalgia.


Orbit Floatation Tank in Use26

Relief from The Pain Affecting Muscles & Bones

Sufferers of Fibromyalgia can sometimes seem constantly fatigued due to the ongoing pain in their joints and muscles. Even when they lie down they aren’t totally resting. Contact support means that certain joints and muscles are still in use and this is preventing the sufferer from being able to release the tension. Floatation Therapy allows a person to float weightlessly in water. This removes any contact support and ensures that every single muscle and joint in the body can rest unfettered and free to de-tense. This allows the muscles some much needed time for rehabilitation


Alleviating Anxiety and Stress

When the body is in a constant state of pain, this can cause increased levels of stress in addition to rising blood pressure levels. Over a prolonged period of time this can start to worsen the condition and add to the pain that the Fibromyalgia is already causing. Floatation Therapy allows for the mind as well as the body to be at rest. Dopamine is released from the Magnesium Sulphate that is in the Epsom Salt that is used in the flotation process. This provides a much needed boost of happy hormones and can lead towards an equilibrium and a period of respite both mentally and physically.

Orbit Floatation Tank in Use25

A Better Sleep Pattern

Disturbances to sleeping patterns in those suffering from Fibromyalgia mainly draws from the ongoing stress and fatigue of the disease. This leads to the mind never being able to rest and switch off fully. Floatation Therapy is able to address both of these issues and studies have found that those who experience Floatation Therapy over time have found that due to these decreased levels of fatigue and stress that their sleeping patterns have improved significantly.

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