Setting up your Orbit Float Pod

Float Pod installation and Room design

Self Install

The Orbit Floatation Tank can be easily installed by yourself or a local trades person. You may require some assistance from a qualified electrican for connecting to the buildings mains electrics.

Remote support is always on hand during self-installations. 


Home Install

The Orbit is well suited for Private customers, it can be self installed or installed by one of our engineers. We can also help with space requirements and different building layout suggestions. 

Orbit Install

Why not reduce your stress before your float tank arrives,

Orbit can complete the entire install, including unpacking and delivery. 

Just ask for our Install package when Ordering.


Arranging delivery of a Floatation Tank can be complex, we can take care of all delivery requirements, including customs and clearances. 

We typically use our own private courriers or delivery services to ensure the product arrives you in top condition and on time. 



Once installed its important to maintain the system correctly, we can asssit with yearly servicing. With self-service kits available and Orbit engineer services.


Advice and support throughout your ownership of an Orbit is covered, with access to our customer support portal


As well as customer support emaila and telephone lines. 

Float Pod Room Sizes and Planning

Float Pod Plant room Float Pod Internal

The Float Pod, Pump and Reservoir Tanks can be configured in several different ways. Our Float Room engineers will strive to make the most of any room you have available. 

External Plant rooms also help reduce running costs when the Float Tank is not in operation by insulating the room the heat is retained. 

Float Pod Room Design and Features

Internal Pump Location

Float Tank

Reservoir Tanks

Due to the heated solution held within the reservoir tanks, this setup helps to reduce humidity and eliminate the “heavy” atmosphere within the float room. They may need occasional access for maintenance, but can be insulated to reduce heat loss further providing added insulation.

Pump Unit

The Orbit pump unit stands just 900mm high, 650mm wide, and 800mm deep (36” x 26” x 32”) It is one of the most compact performance integrated, all-in-one pump, heating, and filtration systems on the market today.

Room Features

Epsom salt float solutions are aggressive and can blow drywall construction. This can also happen if the humidity within the room is high. Metal fittings will corrode if they are not manufactured from the correct recommended material. A wash down tap and drain, in each room, is highly recommended.


Showers in the float room are a must. Ideally, the room layout will allow them to be close to the exit of the Orbit pod. This prevents heavy salt trails and simplifies the cleaning.


Disability access is very important to consider when designing and planning a float center. Ensure there is clear access throughout the building for wheelchairs with all appropriate fixtures and fittings

External Pump Location

Float Tank


Insulation of the reservoir tanks is easier when the tanks are not installed in the float room. This helps reduce energy costs and improves heat recovery times between float sessions, especially within air-conditioned rooms.

Access To Pump

Installing an external room allows easier access to the pump unit for service and maintenance. It is also recommended that a small sink be installed in each remote pump room.

Noise Isolation

The Orbit pump and solution processing unit are fitted with noise-isolating feet, reducing noise and vibrations through the floor. Housing the processing unit in a separate pump and reservoir room can reduce noise transmission even more.

Pump Unit

By locating the pump unit outside the float room it enables maximum noise isolation to be achieved. It can also simplify, and make inspection and maintenance when required to be carried out more easily


Supply and return pipes will need to be connected to the rear of the Orbit pod, as well as a multiway umbilical cable. This supplies the power and connection control for the lights, music and door mechanism.

Download the Orbit Float Tank Brochure

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