Float Therapy Markets and Business

Float Therapy lends itself to many different businesses; all with cross connecting benefits. Below takes a look in detail at how the Orbit Float Tank specifically helps making daily operations and business much easier.


  • Ease of operation

  • Cleaner than any other Float on the market
  • Bigger internally than any other Pod on the market

Spas and Wellness

  • Touchless Technology

  • Increased Revenues

  • Therapy Benefical to Health

Private or Personal

  • Ultimate at home experience
  • Low long term running costs
  • Custom colours and designs

Float Therapy equiptment

Float Therapy is widely offered across the world through many different businesses. Float Therapy is otherwise known as; sensory deprivation therapy or REST (Reduced Exertnal Stiumuli Therapy). 

We are proud to supply Orbit Floatation Tanks to businesses offering Float Therapy all around the world. As a company, we believe that our service extends beyond manufacturing the Float Tank. Whether it’s for a new float centre, Hotel, Spa, or one of those fortunate individuals who are able to have one installed in to their home, we are able to both supply, install and support the Orbit Float Pod wherever you need it to be. With self-installation options as well as remote support via the internet, getting started could not be easier. Float Therapy should be acciessbile and available to as many people as possible, selling worldwide enables customers this oppertunity. 

Orbit Floatation Tanks are Manufactured in the UK but sold globally to many different markets all over the world.


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Float Therapy Finances and Return on Investment

Float Therapy with an Orbit floatation tank can provide good returns on investment and quick recoupration of initial investment, to find out more visit our Finance page 

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