Floatation Therapy & Depression 

An investigation into how Floatation Therapy can be an effective form of treatment for combatting the effects of depression. 

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Flotation Therapy is known to have a wide range of both physical and mental health benefits. It is particularly effective in the treatment of conditions such as mental health issues, anxiety, stress, burnouts and depression. This comes from both a mixture of the sensory deprivation our bodies experience during the flotation process and also the benefits of the Magnesium Sulphate that is found in the Epsom salts used in flotation therapy. Scientists for years have studied the effectiveness that floatation therapy has on mental health issues, particularly depression.  

Unfortunately there is no cure for depression however, Floatation Therapy appears to be one of the most effective methods of treating the symptoms. This is mainly through the calming effects of the weightless atmosphere where no demand is put on the senses to deal with any physical aspects. The mind is free to totally relax and Dopamine levels are known to increase. 

How Dopamine Helps

Dopamine is a hormone that is released by our brains in times when we want to reward ourselves. It is a happy chemical. This can sometimes seem difficult to self-instigate if you’re depressed and many sufferers of depression generally have low Dopamine levels. Floatation Therapy can help in this instance as contained in the Epsom salt that is used in the floatation bath is Magnesium Sulphate. As well as being able to detox your body these salts also provide your body with the ability to produce increased levels of dopamine. This level of happiness could have been absent for a long time with someone suffering from depression so can be hugely impactful, especially when accompanied with the sensory deprivation experience. 

An Entry into Meditation

When you experience Floatation Therapy you find that once you are deprived of all of your senses you may find it easier to meditate than usual. Meditation is hugely effective in becoming aware of one’s self value and combating depression. However, getting into the mind-set to meditate in normal every day life can be difficult due to a vast range of distractions. All of these distractions are eliminated in Floatation Therapy isolating your attention and focus to yourself in a positive way. 

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