Improve your Focus with Floatation

An insight into how experiencing Floatation Therapy can help enhance your focus.


Floatation Therapy and Focus

Floatation Therapy
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Everyone goes through phrases where they struggle to focus. This could be due to distractions from other people or even an overload of the senses. Or that your brain is simply just unable to focus. There are ways in which you can help yourself focus on a sole task. One of these ways is through Floatation Therapy. It offers an abundance of wide-ranging health benefits to people including the ability to help them to concentrate more fully. Below are some of the ways in which this innovative form of therapy allows those who try it to focus more effectively. It’s always important to remember that research has suggested that for the true benefits to be felt from the floatation experience sessions should be undertaken a couple of times each week.


Blank Out Any Distractions

One of the reasons why Floatation Therapy is so effective in the enhancement of focus is through sensory deprivation. Many of the distractions that prevent focus are through your senses. Whether you’re watching what’s going on around you, thinking about personal or work related issues or inadvertently listening to someone these can all effect our ability to focus. Floatation Therapy takes away all of these distractions without the need to even support your body as you’re floating. All of these senses are deprived allowing for the highest level of focus. This focus can also help achieve a state of meditation which in turn can be helpful for those wanting enhanced creativity or to be able to reflect on one’s self.


Floating also means that all of your muscles are totally free to relax meaning that blood flow throughout your body is increased and blood pressure is lowered. High blood pressure can be a big distraction when it comes to trying to focus. It also, in turn, can cause increased levels of stresses which mentally block any attempt to focus. Floatation Therapy means that all of these areas of concern are addressed allowing for the focus to be regained.

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Photo credit: Origin Float Geneva – Photographers: Anna Childeric and Pierre Carlier (

Prepare Your Body to Focus

It’s not always distractions from your senses that can prevent focus. Sometimes your body just isn’t in the right state to wind down. That’s another area where Floatation Therapy can help. The Epsom salt in the water that you float in contains Magnesium Sulphate. This has two crucial benefits, it detoxes your body thoroughly getting rid of any toxins that could disturb your internal equilibrium. It also increases the levels of dopamine produced by your brain, a reward type hormone that can also help to get you mentally in the right place to focus.

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