Financial Returns with Isolation Tanks

Use the sliders below to establish your model, the number of Isolation Tanks, customers per day to work out how much you could earn.

How do I charge for a floatation session?

Floatation sessions are typically charged between £40 to £65 per one-hour session in the UK and $45 to $95 in the United States. Having a high initial rate allows for greater flexibility on discounts, memberships, and group bookings.

The Orbit Software allows you to vary a sessions’ length, giving you more flexibility in the prices and sessions you offer. These can vary from 30 minutes to 3 hours, helping you meet all your customers needs.

Turnaround time between customers

In a well-run floatation centre, it is possible to turn around the float room within 5 – 10 minutes. The Orbit empties and cleans the solution within 3-5 minutes on average, normally finishing before the customer has been able to shower and redress post float.

Once the customer has left the room a basic check of the room is required. Any consumables; Fresh Towels Earplugs, Vaseline strips, etc need to be replenished. This is followed by a wipe down and sanitisation of any touched areas and finally, a quick visual inspection of the Pod. The room is now ready for the next customer. Orbit Floatation tanks are unique as they fully empty between sessions, allowing for an easy and quick inspection of the floating area.

It is recommended customers are given between 1 hour 15 minutes and 1 hour 30 mins in the float room. This allows for 5 minutes at the beginning for the customer to get undressed and shower off, and 15 minutes at the end to shower off and redress. Within a 12 hour day, it is possible to run 9 floats which can generate a significant financial return.

Isolation Tanks

How can Orbit help you?

By operating our own float centres and helping many others open successful businesses, we’ve built up a tremendous amount of expertise and knowledge that we are more than happy to share with the customers of our pods. 

We offer advice on all aspects of float therapy and our Orbit floatation tanks. From the design and floorplan layouts to a total fit-out and final details, we can help you with all of your float centres’ build questions.

Our support website is open 24/7 for all clients. We also have a support helpline for more complex inquiries for your convenience and peace of mind.

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