Increase gym revenue and customer retention with float therapy

Orbit Float is helping gym and fitness centre operators tap into the health and wellness market. Opening up a new, scalable and quick to ROI revenue stream.

The awareness and prioritisation of mental health and wellness is becoming a focus for gyms and more traditional fitness establishments.

To attract new members and entice previous members back, gym operators are investing in wellbeing and recovery offerings.

Float therapy is a way to help people to relax from the stresses that we all face every day, whilst also appealing to active gym goers by aiding recovery.

It offers gym operators an opportunity to create a scalable, profitable revenue stream that taps into the health and wellness market which is growing rapidly every year.

From marketing to the ongoing support we can help you get up and running quickly.
By partnering with Orbit Float you get access to the latest in float technology as well as our team of experts.

Orbit Float Tank

Food grade reservoir tanks store the solution when not in use which means reduced heat loss and No evaporation. The solution is maintained at temperature and treated regularly.

Orbits Power-assisted and manual door system allows for Easy operation by Fully retracting allowing the user to stand upright with a full clearance for installation of lift/hoist above.

Orbits Auto-dosing Hydrogen Peroxide system automatically cleans the solution everyday, ensuring clean floats for all your customers.

Orbits Pump system controls all functions of the Orbit pod in one compact unit. Its High-performance pump allows the unit and reservoir tanks to be located away from the tank in separate plants rooms.

Orbits Low entry threshold allows for easy step-in access (even for restricted mobility) and includes a Non-slip floor

Orbit is made from a High quality advanced composite moulding and is designed for easy installation and long life.

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Built with premium materials, featuring the latest in float and wellness technology. Orbit Float tanks shorten cleaning and turnaround time to maximise profitability without compromising customer experience.

Download the Orbit Float brochure, and get an in-depth look at the Orbit filtration system, floatation room layout, and important design decisions to make when launching a float therapy offering.


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Orbit Float, trusted by float centres, gyms and spas around the globe

The biggest float tanks on the market. Customers love the Orbit Float tanks and keep coming back for more.

Float Philosophy

If you are looking to change the focus of your gym to an overall wellbeing approach, a float tank would be a perfect choice.

Gym Founder

Orbit Float's tanks are the best quality in the market. Ask for Bob, he is very helpful and is knowledgeable about the products they sell. He will definitely be able to help if you are thinking of purchasing one or more of these Float Tanks.

Toby Batham

The Orbit Float team are on hand to help you open up new a revenue stream at your gym or fitness centre


From how much capital is required, to creating a business plan and a path to profitability, the Orbit Float experts are on hand to help.


Our experienced planners can advise on location, building layout and float tank selection.


Orbit will produce and make your Orbit to your exact requirements. Tailored to your available space and layout.


Our installation teams can provide a bespoke installation service to your exact needs and timelines or the Orbit can be self-installed with instruction manuals and live video support.


Training on operations, customer inductions and maintenance is all included to ensure you can get up and running quickly. 


The Orbit Float team is on hand to help with remote support available across our customisable support packages.

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