Floatation Therapy and Pregnancy 

The 9 months of pregnancy is seen as one of the most beautiful periods in life. However, it does, unfortunately, bring along with it many challenges emotionally, physically and mentally. An effective treatment to these challenges not only benefits the mother to be but also the child. Some of the challenges they can face include increased levels of stress, physical pain including fatigue, back pain and tired muscles. Floatation Therapy is an effective way of treating many of these issues and can help make the journey through pregnancy a lot smoother.  

Take the Strain Off Your Muscles

The weight of carrying an extra person, albeit a small person, is a shock to the system for the muscles. They are given no time to prepare and so the extra strain they are put under can not only lead to fatigue but increased levels of stress. Even when lying down you are still under the contact pressure of supporting yourself and the baby due to the forces of gravity. Floatation Therapy exposes your body to zero gravity. The absence of gravity and contact pressure means that you can float without your body under any pressure whatsoever. This allows for the muscles to get some much-needed rest, restore blood circulation and allow your back to revert back to how it should be.  

A Better Sleeping Experience

One of the key ways into making your pregnancy as stress-free as possible is to enjoy a good night’s sleep every night. A shortage of sleep can have a knock-on effect and can lead to increased levels of stress, increased physical pressure on the body and increased levels of fatigue. Floatation Therapy allows your body to prepare for a relaxing night’s sleep by lowering your stress levels, increasing the levels of dopamine in your body, detoxing your body and also allowing your muscles some much-needed rest. 

An Increase In Magnesium

The intake of magnesium is beneficial to over 300 different processes in our bodies.  However, it is not produced naturally either in the mother or the baby’s bodies. It’s for this reason that it needs to be taken in from outside the body. Floatation Therapy includes bathing in Epsom salt that is rich in magnesium Sulphate and soaks into your bloodstream faster than being digested which means it gets to both you and baby quicker.  

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