Floatation in the Spa and Wellness environment

The Current Spa and Wellness Industry

The Spa and Wellness industry had an economy valued at $4.9 trillion in 2019 which then fell to $4.4 trillion in 2020, due to the widespread impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. As all industries emerge from the Pandemic, the requirement for new, hands off, touchless technologies which enable relaxation and recovery has emerged. Floatation and Floatation Therapy fulfil all of these requirements. The global wellness industry has a anticipated growth to be as high as $7.0 trillion in 2025. 

Working alongside Spa Equipment providers

Orbit Float is a leading supplier of spa equipment. Our offering is global and is backed up with proficient service, making sure your business is fully supported at all times. Either through a secondary provider of spa equipment or direct with ourselves.


Orbit is happy to work alongside spa and wellness procurement agents, wellness equipment providers, contractors, interior designers, architects and other interested parties. Orbit delivers professional, comprehensive and efficient solutions for clients worldwide. We are specialists in what we do, supporting all equipment manufacturers and leading brands related to the spa, leisure & wellness industry to integrate with our Orbit Systems. We provide you with the expertise you need, saving you time, money and allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Touchless Technologies the future of the wellness industy

Spa and Wellness

Spa and Wellness facilities are looking for new ways to diversify their product and services they provide. Floatation Tanks provide an alternative to existing hands on, contact technologies. Reducing client interaction, increasing safety within the Spa environment and providing stability to revenues.

A Floatation Session typically consists of a quick introduction, explaining basic operations and some hints and tips to getting the best experience possible. The client is then left to relax and enjoy their session, typically an hour long. Finally, a quick room turn around and clean down allowing one member of staff to run multiple sessions or different spa equipment items at a time.

The Orbit Float System

Sensory deprivation tank

Food grade reservoir tanks store the solution when not in use which means reduced heat loss and No evaporation. The solution is maintained at temperature and treated regularly

Orbits Power-assisted and manual door system allows for Easy operation by Fully retracting allowing the user to stand upright with a full clearance for installation of lift/hoist above

Orbits Auto-dosing Hydrogen Peroxide system automatically cleans the solution everyday, ensuring clean floats for all your customers

Orbits Pump system controls all functions of the Orbit pod in one compact unit. Its High-performance pump allows the unit and reservoir tanks to be located away from the tank in separate plants rooms.

Orbits Low entry threshold allows for easy step-in access (even for restricted mobility) and includes a Non-slip floor

Orbit is made from a High quality advanced composite moulding and is designed for easy installation and long life. It includes an

Cleans ALL the solution

The only way to guarantee that ALL the solution is clean is to Filter and sanitise it ALL between every user. The Orbit is the only Float Pod on the market which can offer this feature  

No more floating in someone else’s dirty water!!

Designed for Ease of Entry

Getting in and out of a Floatation Pod is not to be underestimated; being able to enter unrestricted and fully standing with built in hand rails ensures that anyone can float, even the less able can be hoisted* into the Orbit

*Hoist is optional

Advanced Filtration​

Filtration is so important to ensure that the solution remains crystal clear, clean, safe and inviting.

The highest quality multi stage 1 micron super filtration and dual sanitisation methods are used within the Orbit pump system

Advanced Controls

Technology is at the heart of what we do every day; running your floatation tank should be no different.

The advanced internet aware control system ensures total control and enables Orbit to provide online, remote support

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