Introducing the ORBIT

A Unique Tank That Fills & Empties

Technical Specifications

Standard Features


High-quality sound is delivered via special units built into the structure of the base so the whole Orbit acts as the speakers.

This provides clear, vibrant and alive audio provides users with an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Centralized Dosing

Centralized dosing allows dose the Orbit with the click of a button in at reception as well as being able to set up regular dosing schedules.

Orbit’s high specification dosing pump allows variable dosing of disinfectant such as H2O2 (also see Smart Dosing)

Room Light Control

Room lights can be switched off by just closing the door of the Orbit at the start of the floatation session and switching them back on as soon as the door is opened. 

This eliminates the need for unreliable motion sensors.

Night Mode

The Orbit system can be set to go to sleep (Standby) when not in use such as at night or during holiday periods.

This reduces energy consumption and reduces heating loss etc. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Programmable Lighting
The specially designed Orbit LED internal lighting units provide atmospheric conditions, many of which are inspired by Nature can be programmed to offer users the best way to relax and ease into their float.
High-Quality Audio
Multiple High quality sensors monitor the temperature in the reservoir tanks, the pump and the ORBIT chamber to ensure that every users has the best possible Float experience
PhotoCatalytic UV
The Orbit incorporates the latest in Photocatalytic UV sanitizers. The high output UV bulb generates high quantities of free radicals. A safe and environmentally friendly way to efficiently disinfect and clean the solution
1 Micron Filters
Orbits solution is passed through 1 micron (1/75th of a human hair) absolute filters between each and every float. Removing even the smallest of skin particles and pollutants and maintaining crystal clear solution every time.
Reduced Heat Loss
When not needed for a float the solution is stored in closed reservoir tanks. This reduces heat loss is and humidity significantly compared to conventional float tanks, saving both energy and money
Passive Ventilation

The external storage of the solution and the built-in passive ventilation allows airflow through the Orbit which controls humidity whilst maintaining a pleasant temperature and avoids drafts.

Non-Drip Design

The organically designed shape of the Orbit not only looks good and spacious but it also helps to prevent any condensation build-up so removing the chance of dripping on users and ruining their float.

Easy Clean

The solution is drained from the Orbit between every float session so it is easy to clean the inside surface of the Orbit. No sloshing about in solution, No trying to remove tide marks only to have them reappear.

Centralized Control

Provided as part of the Orbit System a centralised touchscreen PC enables control and monitoring  of all the Orbits connected to the system at a location. This makes it more efficient and easier for the operators and management team to provide customers with a great service.

Remote Support

Support from Orbit doesn’t stop once the Orbit System is installed. Being Internet aware the IoT technology enables remote support and management. This allows the monitoring of operation and can help maintain your Orbit at peak performance

Starter Kit

A first-time starter kit is available with every Orbit System which includes everything needed (Salt, Filters, Test Equipment, etc.) to set up, maintain and be able to start running a newly installed Orbit. The aim is to enable customers to be welcomed as quickly as possible.

Humidity Control

The storage of all the solution in separate closed reservoir tanks reduces the level of humidity both in the Orbit and the float room from what is normally seen in conventional Float Tanks installations where the solution remains in the float tank all the time.


Optional & Additional Features

Self Cleaning Coating
(Optional Extra)

Available as an option a specially developed ceramic coating is available for application to the tank surfaces The result a faster cleaning between floats, increasing the number of floats per day.

Smart Dosing
(Due late 2021)

The Orbit smart dosing system is designed to provide continuous monitoring of the level disinfectant in the float solution so that the system levels are maintained at a set level and means that the system only doses when it is required.

Salt & pH Monitoring
(Due late 2021)

Additional high-performance sensors monitor the salt concentration and pH in the solution. This reduces the need for manual testing. The results can be displayed and stored by the control software

Auto Logging
(Due late 2021)

An auto logging system is being developed to record information such as disinfectant, salt, pH and other levels, user actions, and the operational status of each Orbit. This allows easier optimizing of the system.